Tips For Learning Russian (Cyrillic) Alphabet

When I was first learning Russian, the first (and possibly the largest) hurdle that I needed to overcome was figuring out Russian Letters! This is the starting point for learning any language.

I’d studied Spanish, but the Cyrillic Alphabet is a different beast altogether. I swear I looked at the alphabet dozens of times but felt like I could never get it to stick. It wasn’t until I tried looking at the Cyrillic Letters from a new perspective that I started making headway.

That is what I’m going to share with you!

The trick to learning the Russian Alphabet.

The Russian Alphabet Is Easier to Learn if you break the letters up into 4 groups.

  • The crossovers. (Letters that look the same and sound the same).
  • The pictographs (Unfamiliar shapes with recognizable sounds).
  • The mixed up letters. (Letters that look like English letters but have the wrong sound associated with it).
  • The unknowables (Unfamiliar shapes with unrecognizable sounds).

I listed those letters in the order of difficultly for me to learn. For you they might be different and that is ok.

I’ve got tricks for learning each of the letter groups, but we will cover those in a different post.

In this post, I just want to introduce you to the different letter grounds.

The crossovers

A, K, M, O, T

The pictographs

ц, г, з, ф, п, л, д, ж, э, я, ч, и, б, ю

The mixups

у, е, н, ш, щ, х, в, р, ё

The unknowables

й, ъ, ы, ь

In the next posts we are going to be going through each of these groups and covering tricks for remembering the letter, what group it belongs to and what sound is associated with it.

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