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Learn About My Unique Background


Russian Experience

The best way to learn a language is through immersion. So, the years that I’ve spent living in the Samara, Russia, created an ideal learning environment for picking up Russian. As a volunteer, I spent every day speaking Russian with Russian from a variety of backgrounds.

Then when I returned home to the states I took all of the Russian language courses our university offered. I all but minored in Russian, though officially I minored in Mathematics.


Economics / Business

I graduated with a Bachelor in Economics, after getting near perfect scores on ETS Econ Subject Test and crushing the GRE, I was accepted into University of Arizona’s Econ Ph.D. program. Career opportunities opened up without the additional education, but who know, maybe I’ll head back.

Between my formal education and things that I’ve learned running a marketing agency. I understand the language of business from multiple angles.


Digital Marketing

I’ve spent the last three years with a digital marketing agency, initially doing market research / tool development, and eventually worked my way up to the COO of the agency. I’ve worked with and consulted some of the nation’s biggest brands in tech, consumer goods, manufacturing and more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Video Advertising, and more. I’ve working to most major digital marketing mediums and helped my clients be successful in them.

Long story short, I know how to write content that accomplishes your marketing goals.


Programming and Network Management

Before I was COO, I was CTO. I was responsible for setting up and managing phone servers, internal networks, and web servers. On top of that, I developed internal and public tools for improving employee efficiency, managing company contract, and enhancing our marketing techniques. I managed websites, integrated with API’s, set up databases and more.

I’m most comfortable working in Python, Javascript, and Node.js. But I’ve dabbled in Ruby, Java, C++, Objective C, Swift and more. Plus, I’ve set up databases in MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and more.

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has my technical experience paired with all of my other practical areas of expertise.



My Econ training covered basic financial theory, but then after that I expanded my financial experience by reviewing and developing algorithms for trading in US stock markets.

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My Motto

Master don’t memorize. Memorizing is stale, mastery is dynamic. Exceptional translations come from mastering material, not memorizing terms.

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