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Bridging Language Barriers

Expand your marketable audience with quality Russian-to-English translations that don’t just speak your target language, but which convey your unique message.


When moving your message into the global arena, bridging the language barrier can be one of the most difficult hurtles to overcome. Your message is more than just words, you’ve formulated your message to have an impact on people. And you need a Russian-to-English translator who understands that.

Just as not everyone is capable of crafting powerful messages in Russian, not everyone is capable of producing Russian-to-English translations that will create the desired impact on your audience. That is because there is more to making a quality translation than just producing a word for word content transfer. Translated content needs to “speak” to your audience using phrasing that conveys your message, influences decisions, and builds trust.

Creating Influential Translations Is My Specialty

From my years living in Russia, to my background running a digital marketing agency, I have a vast array of experiences sets me apart from translators who “just know some Russian”. My diverse experiences allow me to better connect with people because I understand them better through shared experiences. Learn more about my unique background that sets me apart from other Russian-to-English translators.
What Makes Me Different

Make fans out of your audience through meaningful  Russian-to-English translations.

Deepen your understanding of Russian.

I’m always working to improve my knowledge of the Russian language and I totally believe that the best way to master a subject is to try and teach it. That is why I provide free resources to assist with your mastery of the Russian language. I’ve got worksheets, lessons, guides, and tip put together to help you learn, and help me master, the Russian language. Check them out and we will continue improving our Russian together.
Learn Russian

Read Russian News

I love knowing what is going on in the world and learning about the world through the eyes of others. That is why I like to read news from around the world. Sometimes the same events seen through different lenses can broaden  your perspective on life.

These Russian-to-English translated news segments include the source so you can always go back and review the original. If you are learning Russian you can hide the translation and practice your translation skills, and if you don’t then you can hide the original and just learn a little bit about how Russian’s see the world.

Reading Russian News has something to offer everyone. Take a peek, I think you’ll find it very interesting.

Russian News

My Motto

Master don’t memorize. Memorizing is stale, mastery is dynamic. Exceptional translations come from mastering material, not memorizing terms.

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